December 27, 2016

BLACKPINK, 'Rookie of 2016', is working on new songs & ready to meet fans more in 2017

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YG Entertainment (YG)'s The new girl group BLACKPINK will be coming back and meeting fans more in 2017.

BLACKPINK made a brilliant debut in August with 'Whistle' and 'Boombahya', followed by 'Fire' and 'Stay' released in November.

BLACKPINK won first place in the music charts and broadcaster ranking program in a short period of time after the debut, as well as the 'Best New Female Award' at the 2016 Asia Artist Awards and 2016 Melon Music Awards hosted by Star News. YG, one of the largest music companies in Korea, has achieved the group's favorable results in the 7 years since 2NE1.

BLACKPINK's performance is expected to continue next year.

YG said on the 28th, "BLACKPINK will actively perform music activities in 2017". Although the specific date for the comeback has yet to be decided, BLACKPINK has already been working on various songs. So the expectation is that BLACKPINK will be able to meet fans with new songs soon.

BLACKPINK's members have also expressed the desire to showcase their various attractions through various stages in 2017. "I will show you a lot of good performances in various ways in the future," said BLACKPINK, who star in the singer category at the Asian Artists Awards in November, 2016. Thank you for your interest. " BLACKPINK has also expressed a desire to be a team that continues to be expected.

BLACKPINK, who had a successful debut, is already interested in what kind of charm and performance it will show in the second year.

Via: Naver

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