June 1, 2016

Jennie Kim Profile

YG New Girl Group's member: JENNIE's profile.

Name: Jennie Kim (김제니).

Day of birth: January 16, 1996.

From: Korea.

More debut photo HERE


She is fluent in Korean, Japanese, and English
She studied abroad in New Zealand at ACG Parnell College


2013 “Special” by Lee Hi (feat. Jennie Kim) from ‘First Love’ album (♫)
2013 “GG BE (지지베) by Seungri (feat. Jennie Kim) from ‘Let’s Talk About Love’ 2nd Mini Album (♫)
2013 “Black” by G-Dragon (feat. Jennie Kim) from ‘Coup D’etat’ 2nd album (♫)


YGEntertainment Youtube Channel posted on Aug 29th, 2012.


She featured in G-Dragon’s music video “그XX (That XX)” (►)

Watch: Behind the scenes M/V

Featured in Lee Hi’s song “Special” (♫)

Featured in Seungri’s song “GG BE (지지베)" (♫)

And featured in G-Dragon’s song “Black” (♫)

Credit to fuckyeahnewygladies @ Tumblr
Videos credit to owners.

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