February 4, 2018

BLACKPINK JISOO, “I Will Resign from MC Position in ‘Inkigayo’, Will Come Back as BLACKPINK”

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YG's girl group - BLACKPINK’s JISOO shared her thoughts on leaving her position as an MC in ‘Inkigayo’, which she ran for about a year.

To prepare for BLACKPINK’s new album, JISOO will resign from her MC position at SBS Music Broadcast ‘Inkigayo’, after the program airing on February 4.

JISOO shared her thoughts for the fans and viewers through YG Entertainment by stating, “Thank you for watching and supporting MC Chu for the past year”.

JISOO also added, “I will come back new and improved as BLACKPINK, so please look forward to it. See you soon. I love you!”.

Starting from last year on February 5, JISOO acted as a vitamin for ‘Inkigayo’ for the past year by adding fresh energy to the program as an MC, along with GOT7 Jinyoung and NCT Doyoung. Since JISOO had a nickname ‘Shih Tzu’ for her cute appearance, she was also known as ‘MC Chu’, while she was active as an MC.

BLACKPINK is currently preparing for their comeback with a new album.

On BLACKPINK’s upcoming comeback, YANG HYUN SUK wrote, “currently recording a mini album” on his social media, raising attention from the fans.


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