April 2, 2018

BLACKPINK’s ‘STAY’ MV Surpasses 100 Million Views…All 5 Releases Reach 100 Million Views

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YG's girl group BLACKPINK’s MV for the song ‘STAY’ surpassed 100 million views on YouTube, setting a milestone of reaching 100 million views on videos of all 5 songs released since debut.
As of April 2, at 12:40 PM, the MV for ‘STAY’ surpassed 100 million views on YouTube. Following their achievement of reaching 200 million views on the MV for ‘PLAYING WITH FIRE’ two days ago, BLACKPINK proved their influence as the ‘view count fairies’, once again.

With their new record, all 5 songs released by BLACKPINK since debut including ‘WHISTLE’ and ‘BOOMBAYAH’ from their debut single album ‘SQUARE ONE’, ‘PLAYING WITH FIRE’ and ‘STAY’ from their second single album ‘SQUARE TWO’, and their third single ‘AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST’ surpassed 100 million views.

Celebrating BLACKPINK’s new milestone, YG Entertainment revealed a special congratulatory poster for reaching 100 million views on ‘STAY’ through their official blog(www.yg-life.com).

The MV for ‘STAY’ from BLACKPINK’s single album ‘SQUARE TWO’ released back on November 1, 2016, reached 1 million views in 7 hours since its release and 10 million views in 5 days, proving the group’s popularity. The MV finally reached 100 million views in 1 year and 5 months since the song was released.

‘STAY’ is a song in a sentimental country pop genre, with additional guitar riffs and strings added to its arrangement. The mournful hope of ‘Stay with me’ was expressed into the song’s lyrics. The MV expresses the lonely emotions of members into sensuous visuals. 

As a girl-group presented by YG in 7 years, BLACKPINK is stacking up their achievements day by day. Their debut song ‘BOOMBAYAH’ and ‘AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST’ is heading for 300 million views. ‘PLAYING WITH FIRE’ recently reached 200 million views, while ‘WHISTLE’ is at almost 200 million views. The entire K-Pop scene is paying close attention on what kind of new milestones BLACKPINK will achieve in the future, as all 5 songs released by the group surpassed 100 million views in approximately a year since debut.

BLACKPINK has recently finished recording their new album and is getting ready to make comeback in the K-Pop scene.

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