May 9, 2018

[Exclusive] BLACKPINK's comeback is imminent, shooting New Music Video Today (05102018)

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YG's new girl group: BLACKPINK shooting New Music Video Today, they are coming.

According to an official source on May 10th, BLACKPINK will perform the music video recording of the new song on this day. They finished recording and it seems to have entered the comeback countdown soon.As the news that BLACKPINK is comeback in the music industry recently, expectations have peaked. As of early May, the date of comeback will be in late May to early June.

YG Entertainment Yang Hyun-suk, the representative producer, expressed his interest in BLACKPINK on April 24, saying, "BLACKPINK is coming. Comeback will take over until the end of the year."

As a result, BLACKPINK became the fourth hitter of YG Entertainment this year. YG Entertainment is running high on the top of the music charts from 'LOVE SCENARIO' of iKON this year to BIGBANG's 'Flower Road' and WINNER 'Everyday'.

All three songs are still top of the list, and BLACKPINK's 'AS IF IT'S YOUR LAST', released last June, is also showing off a long-running name on the chart. So if BLACKPINK announces a new song, it is expected to take on the upswing and show tremendous sound source power.

In particular, BLACKPINK has still proved with their steady record even they are inactive. They set a record of breaking the 300 million views for the first time with their debut song "BOOMBAYAH" last month.

In addition, BLACKPINK has exceeded all of the five million music videos 'WHISTLE', 'BOOMBAYAH', 'PLAYING WITH FIRE', 'AS IF IT'S YOUR LAST ' and 'STAY'. Not only that, their first solo reality 'BLACKPINK House' was with high hits, but also the first new girl group to be on the top of US Billboard 'World Digital Song Chart'.

They are BLACKPINK which imprinted intense presence to domestic and foreign fans at such a super speed. They are going to shake up the music industry once again with this comeback. In the meantime, it is expected that the BLACKPINK will return to what new song, and what record will be counted.

Source: Naver
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