May 10, 2018

[Exclusive] BLACKPINK “MV Shooting for The New Single Will Start Soon… Look Forward to Our Challenge on a New Genre” (OFFICIAL)

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YG's girl group's BLACKPINK’s comeback is approaching.
On May 10, related officials from YG Entertainment noticed Herald POP that “BLACKPINK has started shooting the MV for their new single. Please look forward to it as they have prepared for a long time and challenged on a new genre”.Last month, representative producer YANG HYUN SUK wrote, “BLACKPINK. Making comeback soon. BLACKPINK will be taking over this year” on his Instagram.

BLACKPINK, who are currently getting ready to make comeback, will by YG’s 4th runners of 2018 following iKON, BIGBANG, and WINNER.

Since BLACKPINK’s ‘AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST’ released last year on June is still on the charts while receiving long-run popularity, people are paying keen attention on what kind of new songs BLACKPINK will release when they make comeback.

Source: Naver
Via YGLife

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