February 21, 2019

BLACKPINK, Tickets Sold Out in 6 cities of the first North American tour... 'Consider additional tour'

BLACKPINK has made an all-out ticket to the first North American tour debut, boasting an overwhelming ticket power.
YG Entertainment (YG) said, "Starting April 17, Los Angeles will be the first show then in Chicago, April 27 in Hamilton, May 1 in Newark, May 5 in Atlanta, May 8 in Fort Worth And the six premiere performances in six cities were all sold out." It is an arena-style performance hall with more than 10,000 seats per place.

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BLACKPINK is also surprised at the first North American tour in the arena class, but not anticipated that it was sold out in a short time. It is a turning point that realizes the popularity of BLACKPINK, which has grown into a 'global girl group' through the high entry barriers of the US leading the global pop music market. There is a rumor that YG is considering adding additional performances.

Via: Official YG

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