June 1, 2016

YG’s new girl group unveiled… The first member is JENNIE

YG’s new girl group has begun to be unveiled. YG unveiled photos of JENNIE, the first member of the group. She is the one who has been thought to be the most powerful candidate for the new girl group of YG.

YG posted seven photos of JENNIE on the company’s official blog on June 1, to officially confirm her as a member of YG’s new girl group. JENNIE performed on G-DRAGON’s comeback stage for his second full-length album in 2013.

YG officially announced that the new YG girl group will debut in this July. As the team is the first YG girl group in seven years since the debut of 2NE1, music fans have been paying keen attention to it. Plus, as TEDDY is known to be the producer for the new girl group’s album, the group is drawing all the bigger attention.

It is worthwhile to looking forward to if YG’s new girl group will grow into a next-generation star to follow the footsteps of 2NE1.

Via: YG-Life

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