December 19, 2018

UK Metro, 'BLACKPINK is Prepared for World Domination'

YG's Group BLACKPINK received the spotlight from Metro, UK’s influential news media.
On December 12 (local time), UK Metro published an article titled ‘BLACKPINK prepare for world domination after breakthrough year’. They spotlighted BLACKPINK’s success and highly valued the group’s future potential.

Metro highly praised the group by writing, “BLACKPINK’s song ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ debuted as one of the most viewed music videos on YouTube” and that “The group signed up with Interscope Records and Universal Music for their US debut, and worked with international artist Dua Lipa, making huge accomplishments this year”.

On the exclusive interview with Metro, members of BLACKPINK revealed their thoughts on the success of ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ by stating, “It was an honor, and amazing experience. We were worried because ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ was a concept that we haven’t tried before, but thankfully we got a lot of love and it was unbelievable. It encouraged all of us to be more confident in trying something new and different

On the collaboration with UK’s Pop star Dua Lipa, the members explained that working with her “was so much fun and meant a lot to us”. They continued, “Our part was also released in Korean so that was also super meaningful to us”. BLACKPINK also added that they are open to working with other international singers in the future, saying, “if the opportunity comes, we are open to any future collaborations with another artist”, raising the fans’ expectations.

BLACKPINK also discussed their partnership with Interscope Records, a major music label of the US. BLACKPINK stated that they are “very excited” and that “We are granted the opportunity to showcase what we’ve built so far to a bigger audience”, revealing their excitement on their upcoming US debut. They also added that it “Feels like a dream”, and stated, “we will keep working and doing our best as we have done so far. Please be on the lookout”.

On the question asking if “There was mentoring by representative producer YANG HYUN SUK”, BLACKPINK answered, “He’s always told us to kill it with confidence. Even though he doesn’t say a ton, we know what he means so we always give our best, confident selves”.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK proved their influence by being on the Artist of the Year list selected by YouTube. ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ was also ranked at ‘The 65 Best Songs of 2018’ selected by the New York Times, being acknowledged as the representative next-generation K-Pop girl group.

Also, the group noticed their official US debut by partnering with Interscope Records, the representative music label of Universal Music Group, raising the fans’ expectations on the group’s activities of 2019.

Source: YG's Official Website

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