May 31, 2016

[XP Interview] YANG HYUN SUK Talks about 2NE1, BIGBANG, YG’s New Girl Group & SECHS KIES

2016 has been a particularly busy year for YG Entertainment, and we had YANG HYUN SUK, the CEO of YG Entertainment, talk about 2NE1, BIGBANG, YG’s new girl group &  SECHS KIES.

Recently, YG signed a contract with EUN JI WON, KANG SUNG HOON, KIM JAE DUK, JANG SU WON, and LEE JAE JIN and promised that they would provide full support for SECHS KIES in holding concerts and releasing albums. SECHS KIES reunited through MBC’s Infinite Challenge. Last April, YG also announced that their contract with MINZY has been terminated, and thus, 2NE1 will be a three-member group.

On top of this, YG will be launching a new girl group in July and hold events to celebrate the 10th anniversary of BIGBANG’s debut. 2016 has been and will be a hectic year for YG.

- The comeback of SECHS KIES has become quite an issue.

“I always feel that showing something new is important. You can’t get stuck on the past. These days, it’s all about contents. SECHS KIES can’t rely on their old fans forever. I’ve called Park Keun-tae myself and asked him to write a new song for SECHS KIES. SECHS KIES has a lot of great songs and having them sing in only YG style is not a good idea.”

- Why did you delay their June concert?

“I wanted SECHS KIES’ performance to be great. It hasn’t been long since SECHS KIES joined YG, so we needed more preparation time. I personally oversee everything about their concert.”

- When are you going to give us some information about YG’s new girl group?

We will reveal the members of the new girl group one by one starting form this week. But the total number is still a secret.”

- YG is launching a new girl group for the first time in seven years. Are you confident?

“They all have been trainees for a long time. Their talent is guaranteed. I trained them hard. I told them people have high expectations as they are YG’s first girl group in seven years. I feel pressure sure, but I’m also confident.”

- Is TEDDY the producer of the new girl group?

Yes. TEDDY is my right arm, and he was the one that made 2NE1 a success. He is good in girl group music.”

- What will happen to 2NE1?

“I have a lot of affection for 2NE1 as they are YG’s first successful girl group. I’m still considering whether to recruit a new member or leave it as it is. Nothing has been decided yet.”

- BIGBANG’s 10th anniversary guerrilla concert has been cancelled. Do you have any back up plans?” 

“It was supposed to be a big surprise, but because of the leak, the concert has lost its meaning. We are currently going over other plans.”

Via: YG-Life

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