June 9, 2016

Couple of Things to Look Out for in YG’s New Girl Group

Expectations are running high for YG Entertainment’s new girl group as it is YG’s first girl group in seven years.

YG is revealing its members one by one, and the two that have already been revealed, JENNIE and LISA, are proven to have talent, making the fans more anxious to see YG’s new girl group.

Of course, the new girl group is getting a lot of spotlight even before its debut because it is launched by YG. But, YG have been mentioning this new girl group for years. So, only because YG is revealing the details about this group now, fans have become more interested. We will point out few things to look out for and few things that we are curious about YG’s new girl group.

# How many members are there?

Until now, only two members of the new girl group have been revealed, and people are making wild guesses about the members. The group is most likely to be consisted of trainees that have featured on YG artists’ music or those from the show K-pop Star. Of course, we won’t know for sure until YG makes an official announcement about the members.

Since YG hasn’t announced the number of their new girl group’s members officially, fans are curious about this the most. It will be interesting to see the number of the members when YG’s new girl group debuts. The recent trend in Korea’s idol music industry is big groups consisting of more than seven members, and so it is expected that YG’s new girl group will also be a big group.

# The concept of YG’s new girl group, will it be girl crush? Or sexy charisma?

Fans are also curious about the concept of YG’s new girl group. When YG revealed members of their new girl group, they released a total of seven photos of different styles and concepts. JENNIE and LISA look different in each photo, sometimes arousing a girl crush like 2NE1 and sometimes looking all sexy or innocent. It will be interesting to see which concept YG has chosen for their new girl group.

Since the new girl group is launched by YG, the fact that they are talented goes without question. JENNIE featured on G-DRAGON’s solo album, and LISA was part of a dance crew. Both of them have been YG trainees for a long time. The new girl group is likely to be made up of talented female members who have gained YANG HYUN SUK’s recognition.

# It is the first time that YG has a foreigner as a member of a group. Is the new girl group for overseas markets?

YG’s new girl group is creating quite an issue as one of its members is a foreigner, not just a Korean who had lived overseas. LISA is from Thailand, and so the new girl group is a multi-national group. People are saying that the new girl group is probably designed especially for the overseas market. YG musicians are known to have a wide global fan base thanks to their unique music.

BIGBANG, WINNER, iKON, and 2NE1 have all gained recognition outside of Korea for their extraordinary talent as time went by. But, YG’s new girl group is expected to target both the domestic and overseas market upon debut. Recently, Chinese firms invested 100 billion won in YG. Just like their YG seniors, the new girl group is expected to do well in overseas markets too.

Source: YG-Life

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