May 24, 2018

YG confirmed BLACKPINK's Comeback on June 15 with a mini album

BLACKPINK is to comeback with a mini-album on June 15, 2018.
YG posts on the official website:

Question: When is BLACKPINK releasing their new songs?

Answer: I admit that BLACKPINK’s vacancy was too long, as YG’s only female group.

The fans wished for more songs since BLACKPINK has been only releasing singles since debut, so BLACKPINK will release their first mini album on June 15.

As we have been preparing for a long time, we were able to create satisfactory outcomes, and we expect that BLACKPINK will be able to consistently release new songs and promote new releases starting from June until the end of this year.

Please support and look forward to BLACKPINK’s upcoming non-stop run.

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Source: YGLife

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