June 7, 2019

BLACKPINK’s MV for ‘KILL THIS LOVE’ Surpasses 400M Views… Fastest Record in K-Pop Group History

The MV for BLACKPINK’s ‘KILL THIS LOVE’ surpassed 400M views, while setting the fastest record to reach the according figure in K-Pop group history.
Today(7th) at 3:50 PM, the MV for ‘KILL THIS LOVE’ surpassed 400M views on YouTube.

The MV for ‘KILL THIS LOVE’ released on April 5 at 0 AM reached 400M views in 63 days, setting the fastest record in K-Pop group history. The video shortened the previous record held by ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’(112 days to reach 400M views) by 49 days.

BLACKPINK renewed their own record set with ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ with ‘KILL THIS LOVE’, setting not only their own fastest, but also the fastest record in K-Pop group history. Their new record proved BLACKPINK’s strong presence as the ‘YouTube Queens’.

Furthermore, their MVs for ‘PLAYING WITH FIRE’ and ‘WHISTLE’ are also about to surpass 400M views, notifying additional record marches for BLACKPINK. BLACKPINK is dominating the YouTube K-Pop scene by gaining view counts not only through their new releases, but also their existing MVs as well.

On June 4, BLACKPINK’s dance practice video for’ KILL THIS LOVE’ surpassed 100M views, adding an additional video to their existing collection of 5 choreography videos with over 100M views. As a result, BLACKPINK now has a total of 14 videos with over 100M views including all 7 MVs released by BLACKPINK, the MV for JENNIE’s ‘SOLO’, and 6 choreography videos.

Meanwhile, the MV for BLACKPINK’s mega-hit, ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’, recently surpassed 800M views, setting the first and best record in K-Pop group history.

With the completion of their concert held in Barcelona on May 28, BLACKPINK successfully completed their first-ever Europe tour composed of 6 concerts held in 6 different regions. They will hold a concert in Macau on the 8th and will go on their Australia tour starting on the 13th. During the year-end, the group is scheduled to hold a dome tour composed of 4 concerts in 3 major cities of Japan.

SOurce: YG

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